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Health and Safety Consultancy

In any business, new or old, big or small, safety is a crucial responsibility for employers. But with the constantly evolving nature of health and safety rules and regulations, finding where to start can be a formidable task. Outsourcing your health and safety to professionals is the hassle-free way to find the solutions that work for you and your business. If you are looking for Health and Safety Consultancy in the UK then look no further. AccuSafe Consulting Limited is a health and safety consultancy service based in Blackpool, Lancashire providing expert services that fulfil your H&S challenges. Our consultants are registered and qualified to handle your health and safety needs, from policy design to professional risk assessment. Here's how we can help your business:

Improved Morale and Satisfaction

Studies show that businesses with a high standard of health & safety promote a positive working environment that improves team morale. Taking safety seriously with an official health and safety policy is one of the ways to show your team and clients a high standard of integrity and respect. With a safety-positive workplace culture, employee and client satisfaction and retention improves. Keeping people safe is always good for business - one incident can ruin your businesses reputation for life. A professional health and safety policy is a legal requirement for any business with five or more employees and should still be considered for smaller businesses. This document holds your company accountable for determining arrangements for health and safety processes in the workplace. At AccuSafe Consulting Limited, whilst based in Blackpool, we serve clients across the UK with a service that not only meets your legal requirements but can also reduce insurance premiums and other associated costs. What's more, we can create a bespoke and meticulous approach that works for your business and the law regardless of your niche.

Lowering Risk and Loss

While it isn't possible to completely eradicate risk and loss in any workplace, the chance of it occurring can be drastically lowered and managed. Something as simple as a risk assessment can prevent huge losses that could damage your business or endanger lives. It is estimated that 600,000 employees were injured at the workplace last year, and almost 200 fatalities occurred, with fines reaching the millions for violations of health and safety regulations. AccuSafe Consulting Limited offers a conclusive service to provide rigorous risk assessments delivered by a qualified consultant throughout the UK. After assessing your business thoroughly for risks and liabilities, we will provide tailored risk assessments and a concise, foolproof action plan to secure your compliance. We can be there every step of the way, from the problem to the solution.

Prevent Problems Before They Occur

It can be hard to see your business objectively as a business owner when you are so close to it, especially if you aren't an expert on health and safety. This means that gaps in safety policies that could endanger lives and incur costly fines are easily missed. Understanding where there are areas for improvement in your health and safety policy enables you to fix them before an accident happens - after all, prevention is better than the cure, with fines being 65% more expensive than the cost of compliance. With AccuSafe Consulting Limited, spotting areas of improvement is accessible: rest assured that your business is free from looming dangers with our professional auditing and inspection service. Our expert consultants will examine your existing health and safety systems and processes carefully, providing a thorough health and safety audit and corrective action plan. We can then match appropriate tools to the issues identified to rectify any shortcomings in your health and safety practices before issues occur.

Why AccuSafe Consulting Limited?

AccuSafe Consulting Limited is a premier Blackpool based consultancy which is owned and operated by a qualified Health & Safety Consultant/ Director with over 23 years experience and a Bachelor of Laws degree LLB (Hons). We have available a considerable inventory of products and services to fulfill your individual business safety needs, including:

  • Competent Person Service
  • Audit and inspection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Health and Safety Policy design and enforcement
  • Business owner and senior leadership coaching and mentoring
  • Employee training
  • and more!

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Here at AccuSafe, we are proud to offer Consultancy, Safety Management Systems, Health & Safety Audit and Review, Competent Person Service, Risk Assessment and Corrective Action Planning and Accident Investigation.

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