About AccuSafe

Our experienced consultants hold a range of professional qualifications as well as being members of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Nicky Cheetham

Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Tech IOSH, TIFSM, SIIRSM

Nicky is a professional health and safety consultant with over 23 years’ experience of working within advisory and senior health and safety management roles spanning the utilities, healthcare, waste, retail and hospitality and education sectors covering single and multi-site corporate organisations across the UK.

Completing her Bachelor of Laws degree in 2017, she developed an interest in civil litigation and contract law. The knowledge gained during these studies has enabled the setting apart of the professional services available from AccuSafe from their closest competitors, which has resulted in favourable outcomes for our clients.

Lee Kitching


Lee holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Training and Education from Huddersfield University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management from Portsmouth University.  

His experience is widespread, beginning his career in the public sector before moving into industry. He has more than 35 years’ experience in training and education and for the last 16 years has been exclusively employed in the private sector concentrating on industrial health and safety. Lee is also a registered tutor with National awarding bodies IOSH, ECITB, CIEH, SPA.

Passionately committed to the ideas of continuous professional development, lifelong learning and the maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment, Lee’s blend of knowledge, skills and experience equip him to design and deliver effective bespoke training solutions and specialised support.

Our Values

Our reputation is important to us so going that extra mile for our clients is how we earn it and our values is how we retain it. Our core values of integrity, vigour and flexibility are reflected in everything that we do.


At AccuSafe, we respect and embrace diversities in the sectors we serve and conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity. Trust and loyalty are principles we take seriously when we go the extra mile for our clients.

We are honest, ethical and fair in all our activities. We keep our word and deliver on our promises and believe that our reputation is more important than any other short-term rewards. We want to be recognised as being the best at what we do, how we do it and who we do it with.


Our aim is to encourage you to be passionate and enthusiastic about the safety of your staff and your business. We pride ourselves on finding new ways of doing things, continually looking to improve and provide consistently high levels of client satisfaction.


Flexibility is at the heart of AccuSafe, which is why we recognise that every client and every project is unique, so we do not work to predetermined formulas or rely on off the shelf solutions. We like to ensure that however diverse the client’s business, that we endeavour to deliver the most appropriate service for their specific needs. 

Mission Statement

Our goal is to understand the individual needs of our clients and to align those needs with the right consultancy and training services. Adding value to our client’s business’ is important to us, making AccuSafe the ideal choice to keep the enforcement authorities at bay and your insurance premiums low.