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Bitesize Compliance Package for Hospitals & Primary Care Centres

A bitesize health and safety solution tailored specifically for Hospitals and Primary Care Centres. This one-
time purchase, priced at £249+VAT, provides excellent value with no auto-renewal, offering the flexibility
and resources you need for effective health and safety management.

Bitesize Package Benefits:

7 Core H&S Compliance Document Templates

Easily implement essential health and safety documents within your organisation to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. These templates are fully editable and can be customised to meet your specific needs and branding, and include:

  • H&S Policy Template: A fully editable template to create a robust H&S policy tailored to your practice and individual activities.
  • Incident Report Template: Document and manage all aspects of the incident reporting and investigation process efficiently.
  • Risk Assessment Template: Identify and mitigate risks in your practice using this detailed assessment tool.
  • CoSHH Risk Assessment Template: Ensure compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH) Regulations.
  • Workplace Inspection Checklist: Regularly inspect your workplace and promptly address any identified issues to maintain the high       safety standards of your facility.
  • DSE Assessment Form: Allowing your staff to confidently assess their display screen equipment and identify any issues ensuring             ergonomic and safe usage.
  • Workplace Fire Safety Inspection Checklist: Keep your practice safe with thorough fire safety inspections.

9 Online Training Courses

Gain access to nine essential online training courses. Upon successful completion of each course, users can download a CPD approved certificate, and their progress will be recorded in their account on the learning management system. This package includes one licence for one user, with additional licences available at an extra cost for other team members.

  • Workplace Health & Safety: This course includes training on; Corporate Manslaughter, accident management, fire safety, electricity,     DSE assessment and manual handling, emergency preparedness, CoSHH, PPE, stress and relatable case studies.
  • Introduction to Risk Assessment: Learn the fundamentals of identifying, managing and mitigating workplace risks.
  • Sharps Awareness: Essential training on the safe handling and disposal of sharps in healthcare environments.
  • Food Safety Level 1: Knowledge of basic food hygiene practices, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and protecting both staff and clients from foodborne illnesses.
  • Fire Marshall: An essential course in any compliance journey which equips participants with crucial fire prevention and emergency    response skills, ensuring the safety of patients and staff during fire
  • Moving & Handling People: Providing essential techniques for safely assisting individuals with mobility, reducing the risk of injury to both healthcare workers and patients.
  • Assessing Display Screen Equipment (DSE): Ensure ergonomic and safe use of display screen equipment.
  • Supervising Mental Health at Work: Understand how to support mental health within your team.
  • Mental Health First Aid: This invaluable course equips participants with the skills to provide initial support for individuals experiencing mental health issues. It covers recognising the signs of mental health problems, offering initial help, and guiding individuals towards professional resources.

Expert Consultation

Benefit from a one-hour consultation with a qualified and experienced H&S consultant. Conducted via phone or Zoom, this session is designed to:

  • – Discuss learnings from the package.
  • – Plan next compliance steps for your practice.
  • – Implement what you have learned effectively.
Our Bitesize Hospitals & Primary Care Centre’s Package is an excellent starting point for equipping your facility with the essential tools and knowledge to uphold high standards of health and safety compliance. Alternatively, this package can enhance your existing H&S management systems and strengthen your current compliance.

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