How to Reduce Sharps Injuries in Your Organisation

Preventing sharps injuries in a healthcare setting is crucial for the safety of healthcare workers and their patients.  Here’s a brief guide on steps to take to prevent sharps injuries in your organisation: Use Safety Engineered Devices: Consider implementing safety-engineered needles and devices that have built-in mechanisms to prevent accidental needlestick injuries. Proper Handling and […]

Your Guide to the Premises Assurance Model (PAM) 

Ensuring a safe environment for both patients and staff is of utmost importance. One invaluable tool to achieve this is the Premises Assurance Model (PAM). This comprehensive questionnaire assesses the safety and suitability of healthcare premises. With accuSafe by your side, completing the PAM process becomes a seamless experience, saving you time and effort that […]

Why Employing a Full-Time Health and Safety Manager Isn’t Necessary

Why Employing a Full-Time Health and Safety Manager Isn’t Necessary In the dynamic and demanding healthcare sector, maintaining robust health and safety systems is essential for the well-being of both staff and patients. While compliance with CQC and HSE requirements is critical, it doesn’t necessarily require employing a full-time, permanent Health and Safety Manager. Instead, […]

Simplifying Healthcare H&S Compliance

In the fast-paced and ever evolving healthcare sector, maintaining a robust health and safety management system is paramount. However, navigating the complex landscape of legislation, regulations, CQC standards and HSE guidance can be time-consuming and overwhelming for healthcare organisations. This is where accuSafe comes in, offering expert health and safety consultancy and training services exclusively […]

Protecting Patients from Slips, Trips, and Falls

Protecting Patients from Slips, Trips, and Falls Protecting your staff and patients from slips, trips, and falls is essential to ensure their health, safety and well-being whilst at work/their place of treatment. Follow these steps in your workplace to prevent such incidents: Floor Safety: Maintain clean and dry floors, promptly cleaning up spills or wet […]

Do I need a health and safety policy?

Do I need a health and safety policy? You are required to have a health and safety policy by law, and it should be in writing if you employ five or more members of staff. You will need to regularly review your policy and keep it updated with any changes to your organisation’s activities, processes, […]

Building a Safe and Supportive Healthcare Workplace

In the healthcare sector, building a culture of trust and collaboration is paramount to ensuring effective patient care and the health and safety of staff. A positive safety culture creates an environment where risks and hazards have been identified and assessed, and provides a safe environment for staff and patients. Below we explore how we […]

Addressing Violence and Aggression in your Organisation

Addressing Violence and Aggression in your Organisation At accuSafe, our mission is to help healthcare organisations create great, safe places to work and receive treatment. In this blog, we tackle an important issue that directly impacts those working in the healthcare sector across the UK: violence and aggression incidents in the workplace. We’ll provide you […]

12 Steps to compliance with CQC Standards

Ensuring compliance with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards is essential for maintaining high-quality healthcare services in the UK. To help your organisation achieve a good or outstanding CQC rating, follow these steps: Understand the CQC Standards: Familiarise yourself and your team with the CQC’s key lines of enquiry (KLOEs) and the specific standards that […]

8 Steps to a Compliant Display Screen Equipment Assessment Programme

In the dynamic world of healthcare, ensuring the health and safety of your staff is paramount. One crucial aspect of this is managing display screen equipment (DSE) assessments effectively. Whether it’s a new staff member, an office move, or a return from leave, having a structured DSE assessment programme in place is essential. In this […]