Competent Person Service

We can act as your competent person which will include a comprehensive, affordable range of health and safety support services. This service is perfect for small or medium sized businesses who do not have sufficient resources, or someone sufficiently competent, to make an internal appointment. When a company takes a Competent Person package with us, their dedicated consultants’ aim is to become an integral part of their team offering ongoing support and expertise to make the day to day running of the business effective, safe and simple.

A selection of the services available as part of the Competent Person Service is detailed below. We will work with you to tailor a bespoke package which directly meets the needs of your business:

  • Gap analysis and review of your current health and safety documentation and practices
  • Bespoke health and safety policies and procedures relevant to your business
  • Tailored documentation including audit protocols, risk assessments and work instructions
  • Year plan to meet your health and safety goals and objectives
  • Unlimited gateway to professional advice from your dedicated consultant via email and telephone
  • Interpretation of UK legislation so it is relevant and understandable to your business whilst ensuring that recommendations are kept simple, allowing your staff to manage them with confidence
  • Regular newsletters providing legal updates, safety tips and useful articles relevant to your business
  • Flexible visits to provide a status review report
  • Site audit and inspections
  • Ergonomics assessments



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